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WindowTherm Wall System


Multiwall Interlocking Panels

  • Highly energy efficient window wall system
  • Thermally- broken  aluminum frame system
  • Glazing: Multiwall PC interlocking panels
  • Panels provide clean, finished look & lines

    Base unit:   U: .22  LT: 49     SGHC: .45  

    (Values are for Opal color panels)

WindowTherm Wall Product Sheet

WindowTherm Wall Specification

WindowTherm Wall Install Guide

WindowTherm Wall Details

SkyTherm Unit Skylights


Single/Double Multiwall Dome Series

  • Highly energy efficient single and double domed multiwall polycarbonate skylights

  • Size range: 24" x 48" thru 48" x 96"

    16mm Unit:   U: .35   LT: 60%   SGHC: .75
    16mm/16mm Unit:  U: .18   LT: 35%   SGHC: .56 
     (Values for Opal color sheets)

  • Unit skylights can be provided with curbs as a ready to install packages/kits

SkyTherm Series Product Sheet
SkyTherm Series Specification
SkyTherm Series Install Guide 

SkyTherm Series Details

WeatherShade Canopy System
Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet

  • Designed to complement building and surroundings
  • Provides functional and affordable shading and protection from rain, snow and hail 24/7
  • Canopy structure built around proven standing seam designs for water tightness and wind resistance
  • Designs: Curved, arched, flat slope, curved slope using       20mm multiwall sheet   /   4mm or 6mm mono sheet
  • Designed and fabricated as an easy to install system
  • Perfect system for new or retrofit projects
  • Lightweight and more durable than glass canopy systems
  • Building occupants and visitors will welcome the transitional covering provided by the canopy
  • Easier to design unique building configurations
WeatherShade MW Series Product Sheet
WeatherShade MW Series Specification
WeatherShade MW Series Install Guide
WeatherShade MW Series Details

WeatherShade Canopy System


Mono-Polycarbonate Sheet

WeatherShade Mono Series Product Sheet
WeatherShade Mono Series Specification WeatherShade Mono Series Install Guide
WeatherShade Mono Series Details


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