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In conjunction with the energy savings gained through the better solar/thermal performance of the glazing materials, the role of higher levels of diffused natural daylighting can provide energy savings dollars through the direct reduction in the amount of electricity needed for various building lighting systems. Again, this is where Solutions In Polycarbonate want to participate in efforts to evaluate the impact our products can have in developing models and actual dollars savings in various building structures and environments.  

The expected product performance will contribute additional energy savings to the total energy dollars that each targeted building design is expected to achieve.​ Pleas contact us for further ideas and strategies in designing and using Solutions in Polycarbonate products in achieving needed results.


Solutions In Polycarbonate products are eligible for a wide variety of LEED credits depending on the specific application, the type of building function structure and structure and the building goals and scope as set forth by the architect and facility owner. One of Solutions In Polycarbonate objectives in building solid customer relationships will be to assist in making available information in support of obtaining LEED credits by meeting the criteria as outlined by USGBC LEED program. For the most part, LEED credits related to Solutions In Polycarbonate products fall into LEED groups:

  • Sustainable Sites
  • Energy & Atmosphere
  • Materials & Resources
  • Indoor Environmental Quality

​​​LEED Credits

A key goal of Solutions In Polycarbonate is the advanced engineering of products into simple systems that allows for streamlining of sourcing, production of kits or component kits easily ready for shipments to job sites for easy installation. This advanced product design, sourcing and production allows for creation of business processing methods not only saves energy in various aspects during the manufacturing process, but provides for labor savings during the installation process. The lighter weight, but higher energy efficient materials make handling and installation significantly easier and less labor intensive, contributing to real dollar savings and a lighter energy footprint for the project and the manufacturing of the desired energy efficient products, which is the mission of Solutions In Polycarbonate.  

Solutions In Polycarbonate is in the process of determining how what information we can provide to architects and owners in their design development process and post construction evaluations. From our own internal research, we are highly confident that our products will provide excellent energy savings performance over many products currently available in the marketplace. We understand the need for good information and Solutions In Polycarbonate is working on ways to develop and present product information for easier understanding of performance data. 

Besides the traditional solar/thermal product performance, Solutions In Polycarbonate is looking at data methods that can take various types of data and provide this performance data in forms useful in translating performance into real energy saving dollars.

In addition, Solutions in Polycarbonate will be seeking feedback and comment on how our process and data development could be improved.