Our Story

The Solutions in Polycarbonate team is the result of highly experienced people coming together from a variety of backgrounds and discussing to better serve customers with...

  • multiple building types

  • multiple ongoing projects

  • increasing calls for natural daylighting for building interiors

  • increasing demands to meet newer energy performance levels

  • increasing demands to find products that will meet the functional, regulatory, aesthetic and cost-efficient restraints of the project

  • the need for simple "no-brainer" solutions

  • no time to develop glazing solutions on their own

  • the need for glazing systems that can be manufactured and sent out quickly

  • the need for kit or modular designs designed for easy and fast installation

Basically, a whole new process approach designed around the needs of customers and serving those needs with new thinking, new processes, with readily available materials that meet all these needs and more.


...and from those discussions a focused, a know what to do company was formed to execute on what the architectural market customers need and want and to service the heck out of them, so they become customers who to want and enjoy doing business with us, Solutions In Polycarbonate

Part of all we do....

  • Always do right by the materials, the location, and the client
  • Never forget why you're designing in the first place
  • No matter how you do it, leave your mark

Customer Process

Every project is different. Considerations:

Functional needs for building

Functional need for openings

Regulatory requirements

Sustainability/Green requirements

Opening quantities and sizes

Building positioning on site

Proposed interior lighting system

Part of Solutions In Polycarbonate's Customer Process is making sure that our customers are considering both major and minor aspects of their projects or applications.

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Our Story​​​

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