Impact your energy costs...

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Solutions In Polycarbonate 

Current products of most value...

  • High Energy Efficient Multiwall Glazing Wall Systems > WindowTherm Wall Systems

  • High Energy Efficient Thermoformed Multiwall Glazed Unit Skylights > SkyTherm Unit Skylights

We have done our homework and our research currently indicates that these two products will have the most impact on the saving of energy dollars in a variety of building types and structures and for a variety of applications with the buildings.

Our research indicates that these market segments have the most appropriate need and application fit for these products. While the products can be used in other segments, the highest immediate need in for these products.

Building segments especially impacted by energy related drivers:

Building Types

Metal buildings (new & retrofit)

Pre-cast buildings


Brick & mortar

Building Functions


Manufacturing facilities

Large commercial buildings


Specialized institutional

Transfer facilities

Transportation repair & services buildings

Our groundbreaking Products Are just the beginning of....

  • new  Design and processing methods

  • focused on designing highly efficient energy glazing products

  • to meet the more demanding energy reduction requirements facing Tomorrow's building owners

Primary demand drivers:

  • Natural Daylighting
  • Savings in energy dollars
  • Meeting regulatory building requirements

Innovation in natural daylighting and energy expense savings


Engineered natural daylighting and energy reducing glazing systems for building applications in metal buildings, warehouses, industrial and commercial structures. These systems come in ready to install kits or job site light fabrication (Right Fit(TM)) packages depending upon project requirements. The systems are designed for easy installation and at 30% of the weight of more traditional aluminum and insulated glass systems, makes the installation process rare, enjoyable task for installing crews.

This new, innovative way of designing and manufacturing these green glazing systems contribute to energy savings beyond the inherit operating savings by streamlined prefabrication processing.